What was the thing you enjoyed the most?

  • Our speakers and the sobriety countdown

  • So hard to say. I did especially enjoy Saturday night dinner and speaker.

  • Speakers…. Fellowship … pool party

  • AA fellowship.

  • Bingo! Panel meetings

  • Meditation

  • Fellowship

  • The food at the banquet.

  • Speakers

  • All the events and displays

  • Panel meetings

  • The panel meetings

  • Speakers & panels

  • The whole event was wonderfully organized and it was easy to figure out what I wanted to do and get to the different events.

  • Both Friday and Saturday night speakers were great.

  • Speaker meetings

  • Sorry not much

  • Friday speaker, Alanon speaker, old timers speakers.

  • Enjoyed the marathon meetings and my home group meeting was great.The friendliness of all and how easy it is to talk to everyone.It is just so rewarding to be at this event.
    I marvel at the volunteerism and so much effort by many to put this event together.

  • The fellowship

  • Working as a volunteer at reception desk

  • volunteering

  • Seeing all my friends

  • Fellowshipping with everyone!

  • Fellowship

  • Old Timers Meeting

  • Lgbt workshop

  • Hospitality food

  • I loved all the speaker meetings and the hospitality suite

  • The pool!!!!

  • Speakers, seeing old friends, newcomers enjoying the fellowship

  • The fellowship, of course.

  • The oldest timer giving the newest person the Big Book.

  • Dinner and countdown

  • Seeing everyone at the old timers meeting.

  • Seeing old friends and making new ones

  • Number of attendees, hotel, agenda.

  • Friday night speaker

  • the fellowship

  • Speaker

  • BINGO, Fellowship and beautiful venue.

  • The opportunity to fellowship & the meetings. Thank you to the committee for your tireless commitment & work to this event!

  • I just loved how sober, serene and friendly the treasurers were. Such a blessing to see people being of service like this!

  • Panels

  • Seeing old friends

  • Companionship with other AAs

  • Panels.

  • The Friday night speakers Meeting.
    Certainly winning the Grand Prize & Michael Kors purse was wonderful.
    Thanks for quick call to pick up prizes.

  • The banquet

  • Great meetings, great speakers

  • Fellowship.

  • Actually my favorite part is the sobriety countdown. I love the old timers with the longest amount of sobriety and I love seeing the brand new people coming into the program and I pray for them that they stay in the program. I was not impressed with the speaker Saturday night however she did say one thing that stayed with me and many other people I spoke with as well. So they say if you take away one thing from a speaker’s share it was a great share. So that did happen. The other meetings and the other speakers I saw were awesome.
    I was also very impressed with a volunteers and the coordinators of the volunteers. They put a lot of time and effort into it I also was one of the volunteers along with my husband who is ignore me and he enjoyed it as well. So my hats off are to all of the volunteers that put in countless hours to make this event happen.

  • volunteering

  • The meetings

  • Boo Boo speaking

  • Henna and soberbutwhole

  • Pool party

  • Always love the speakers and speaker meetings.

  • Always it’s the great fellowship however, to pick one it was the variety of marathon And other scheduled meetings.

  • Camaraderie and the speaker meetings were done very well by the committee. The speakers’ stories weren’t that great, but that happens.

  • Workshops

  • Fellowship

  • The banquet and speaker meeting immediately following.

  • I usually enjoy the Saturday night count down/ guest speaker and dinner –

  • Venue

  • DoubleTree resort. The food at the banquet Saturday night was so very good – gosh surprising for a hotel meal. they did a wonderful job!
    Liked the roundup theme and decorations at banquet.
    thanks to all for your service in making this event happen!

  • speakers

  • The speakers

  • Speakers/fellowship

  • Meeting and making new friends.

  • Hospitality suite

  • The most important thing at a roundup of AA is seeing old friends and making new.

  • Overall I thought it was good – thank you for your service.

Where do you think there could be improvement?

  • We could have free beer. It may attract a new comer….

  • Checking in for dinner was pretty disorganized. Seemed no one knew what was actually happening. I’m grateful for the volunteers that clearly tried their best.

  • Marathon meeting room seemed cramped this year

  • I heard people requesting scholarships were denied entry because we had no service positions available to hand out.

  • Sunday morning breakfast or brunch…buffet?

  • Have more AA related workshops without the treatment center BS.

  • Nothing

  • Main speaker selection

  • For people only going to the dinner on Saturday night and nothing else, they shouldn’t have to pay another 35 for the conference. Also, those who arrive to volunteer shouldn’t be turned away from meetings if there isn’t anything for them to do. The above questions only allowed for 1 answer so I would love to see a dance, comedy show, karaoke.

  • I didn’t participate in much. Too hard to find anything in that hotel. Speaker on Saturday night was tragic and way too long. She whispered so she was hard to understand.

  • None

  • Have hospitality suite closer.

  • More people to help find your way around

  • NA

  • Most of the speakers left a lot to be desired this year, unfortunately. I did really enjoy the Al-Anon speaker, however.

  • Better word of mouth/advertising reminder before the event

  • Can’t think of anything

  • There should always be a person sitting at the Security table.

  • Double Tree has poor accessibility for people who use walkers & wheelchairs. I was unable to attend the Hospitality suite w my home group in my knee cart. The hotel is in need of repairs!!

  • Saturday night speaker ok but went on too long

  • I was wondering why we don’t have Arizona speakers at the speakers events.Surely we had dynamic
    speakers in our State.Also it would save tons of money to have local speakers.

  • The hospitality suite was pretty far from the main events.
    Disability accessible venues would be helpful.

  • Hospitality Room closer to meeting rooms

  • Additional food options

  • I would like to see the marathon room be bigger to accommodate more attendees.

  • The last two years the speakers spend way to much time in there drunk a logs not even mentioning or hardly mentioning the steps

  • Larger and closer hospitality suite

  • Great job everyone .

  • The speakers!!!
    There were just a couple of really good speakers: Boo Booand the Alanon Speaker!!!

  • Is the banquet really necessary?

  • No American Indian drumming in the Hospitality Suite!

  • Timer on old timers meeting

  • Speakers! Been attending this event for 30 years, my least favorite speakers both Friday and Saturday Nights, did not attend Sunday Morning.
    I feel there should be a section in the front of the meetings for the Oldtimers, they would feel honored and for hearing purposes.

  • It was a bit unorganized. Maybe a meeting with a list of all the information for the volunteers.

  • Venue required a lot of walking and stairs. Difficult for some seniors.

  • The Saturday evening meal is way too expensive for just sitting there and eating subpar food.

  • A. Hospitality suite should be closer to the event.
    B. Would like to have a ready list or menu of what groups and when were running the marathon meetings. Never could find a list.

  • Saturday night speaker – she told a drunk a log not recovery

  • Stop outside interests, Sober City.
    Expand Archives.

  • Saturday night speaker was still drunk 40 minutes into her pitch. We left.

  • Friday nite and Saturday speakers were too long and rambling. Could be 45 minutes!

  • The panel meetings were amazing, but needed more space. Perhaps removing the tables would allow for more seating.

  • Post hours for golf cart service.

  • Banquet speaker

  • $35.00 is a premium registration fee. To put on a talent show and bingo was rather minimal. If the schedule had been available before I booked a room, I probably would have passed.

  • Was very offended by “Safety Card” reading. It was totally inappropriate. Speaker was over acting. Hospitality room was a dump and totally in the wrong place.

  • Recording of the panels.

  • Understand parking is challenging. Perhaps more golf course carts.
    Specifically for late arrivals like us.

  • The speaker Saturday night was hard to track/hear.

  • Perhaps more attention to the selection of the keynote speakers would be in order. There are so many great talks and circuit speakers out there.

  • I would like to see the schedule of lineup speakers further ahead of time if that is at all possible.
    The SRI Roundup is the first Roundup I ever attended when I got sober which was 2021. So this was my second one and I volunteered at this one and I will do so again in the future. So thank you SRI for being there for me.

  • Big Book study

  • N/A

  • The Sat entertainment

  • Better speaker on sat nite, she sucked

  • I saw people get denied entry to speaker meeting for not being registered or paying… Not because they didn’t have money, but because registration was closed… Very uncool, the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking, and there was plenty of us who paid and donated extra no reason to be doing all that

  • Can you change the weather???
    No expectations. I love it every year.

  • 24hr hospitality suite, at minimum hot coffee and cookies on the off hours. (With hundreds of home groups in the SRI area, seems these service commitment hours would get covered)

  • Sat night speaker went way too long; not something the committee can control. Can’t cut down on the ‘must haves’ like the sobriety countdown.

  • Hospitality on Sunday morning

  • ADA needs to be better

  • Perhaps reviewing the survey prior to sending it out making sure questions like “How would you rate the golf cart service?”don’t appear when the function was canceled.

  • ?

  • Hospitality Room. Too small, not enough seating, too far away from main event

  • Hardly saw the golf carts at all.
    The biggest issue is sound. The speakers didn’t speak into the mics and you couldn’t hear them. This was true at the old timers meeting and the speaker Saturday night. I suggest at the beginning of each meeting/speaker have a volunteer at back of room to listen and alert speakers if they are not using mic properly. It was a huge turnoff and I heard this complaint from others. I just had my hearing checked recently and it’s not my ears! I didn’t attend other events this year to say if this was a consistent theme.

  • Overall length from Sober city to Hospitality

  • Better speakers. There seemed to be an “agenda” of the message that was being touted. The speakers this year were boring.

  • Check-in process for the banquet.
    Location of Saturday night entertainment

  • More room to sit in workshops

  • Main speaker and dinner, talent show all in lower level. The only elevator was not working. Being unable to walk up the stairs, after being told the elevator was not working, caused my friends and I to walk outside up a service ramp to the back of the hotel. Very hot evening and quite a trek to the front and valet. All the golf carts were not working at this time. Unthinkable and pretty sure you want yomake sure people with handicaps are not treated so poorly in the future at a Hilton.

  • The Saturday night speaker was a bit long, but I know it is hard to find and secure good speakers. Also, I was at a banquet table that was on the edge of the banquet table and the acoustics for hearing the speaker weren’t great. It was hard to hear the speaker clearly at times.